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Admission and Registration

If you decide to complete your doctorate at a faculty of Leibniz Universität you should apply as early as possible in order to be sure of gaining a place. Application includes acceptance as a doctoral candidate by the faculty as well as registration as a doctoral candidate with the Registration Office.

Acceptance as a Doctoral Candidate

For acceptance as a doctoral candidate all faculties of the Leibniz Universität require successful graduation from a Masters, Diplom or Magister course or a state examination (Staatsexamensprüfung). Acceptance as a doctoral candidate usually requires a written supervision agreement from a professor. Special requirements for acceptance are governed by the faculties' own doctorate regulations.

It is strongly recommended that you seek doctoral candidate status at the start of your doctoral studies in order to eliminate administrative problems and to clarify responsibilities. By accepting you as a doctoral candidate the faculty recognises that you have the right to study for a doctorate based on your qualifications thus far. In addition the faculty undertakes to guarantee the supervision of your doctorate in case of unforeseen events.

Enrolment as a Doctoral Candidate

According to the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act, doctoral candidates must register as studying for a doctorate (Section 9 Paragraph 2 Sentence 3 of the NHG). This also applies to doctoral candidates with an employee relationship to Leibniz Universität (e.g. research staff). The regulations of enrolment of Leibniz Universität regulate all the details, especially in § 2 (regulations of enrolment, August 24, 2017)

Registration as a doctoral candidate requires acceptance as such by a faculty of Leibniz Universität. If your faculty confirms that you have been officially accepted as a doctoral candidate you may register with the Registration Office using an online application form by clicking on the following link.


If you have any questions, the Graduate Academy team will be pleased to help.