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Promotion plus+ qualifiziert (PhD and beyond) = for careers outside academia

Das Bild zeigt einen mit Hemd und Krawatte bekleideten Mann in einem grünen Feld unter blauem Himmel, der mit drei verschiedenfarbigen Bällen jongliert.

The image shows a man in a shirt with a tie, who stands in a green field under the blue sky. He juggles with three variegated balls.


You are a PhD student or postdoc right after finishing your PhD? You are interested in finding a job outside academia? Then, this programme is just right for you!



The two semester programme Promotion plus+ qualifiziert (PhD and beyond) conveys management
and key competencies in parallel to your research and helps to identify career prospects outside academia. The programme is subject to an ongoing process of adjustment and has always been carried out with the participation of trainers from the business sector (of Hanover city and region).

The trainings of the programme are carefully matched consecutive courses and cover the following core areas:

  • management competencies
  • career planning, applications and professional networks
  • transferable skills

After successfully completing the programme, you will get a certificate documenting your participation in the trainings.

Since winter term 2016/2017, we also offer foreign, i. e. non German speaking PhD students and postdocs in the early stage of their postdoc career the opportunity of taking part in Promotion plus+ qualifiziert. For this, there will be two German-speaking groups and one English-speaking working group – and you are able to prepare your next steps outside academia together with other German-speaking and foreign PhD students and postdocs!

Application and Costs

Applications can be submitted by registered doctoral students and postdocs who completed their doctoral studies during the two preceding years of Leibniz Universität Hannover. On request, doctoral students and postdocs of other universities can be admitted to the application process.

The participation fee is 120 Euro and can be paid in two instalments of 60 Euro. The three most convincing applications will be awarded with a wildcard that allows attending the programme without paying.

You can find the overview of the programme in 2017 and 2018 with further information, our fact sheet with information on the application process as well as the application form itself in our download section below.

The deadline for the submission of applications for the programme start in October 2017 has been expired!

Programme Coordination

Dr. Tanja Michler-Cieluch
Tel.: +49 511 762 3920
Jannis Zurheiden
Tel.: +49 511 762 17217