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Slam that science: getting your research out to a wider audience (Kurs-Nr. 2019/23a_GA)

Slam that science: getting your research out to a wider audience

The challenge:

One estimate calculates that there are around 30,000 scientific journals and almost two million articles published each year. In short, it a very competitive market. So, how can you get your message out there? One way is presenting at conferences. Another is by giving science slams. This course combines both formats. In addition, it will also help you promote your work, meet and network with people in your field and open avenues of collaborating with potential business partners or in new projects.

Target group:

This interactive workshop is aimed at experienced and inexperienced presenters who want to review the essentials of scientific presentations as well as extend their skills to include key elements of the fast growing popularity of science slams.

Day 1 focus & content: review the principles of effective presentation and put them into action Participants use the workshop content to review and build on the key drivers of every effective presentation. Much of the afternoon is spent putting theory into practice via several mini presentations. The presenters, their colleagues and the trainer discuss the effectiveness of the presentation which provides invaluable feedback for development.

  • Preparing & delivering key sections of a research paper;
  • Fashioning clear key messages and calls to action that connect;
  • Creating presence: using body language and voice to connect;
  • Shaping an effective presentation: the beginning, middle and end;
  • Working with international audiences: key dos and don'ts;
  • Handling the Question & Answer session confidently.

Day 2 focus & content: how to build & and deliver a short Science slam
The second day explores the key differences between a research paper and a science slam. A range of exercises are explored to get you playing with key elements of slams. The delegates than create a short science slam based on a research paper they have delivered in the past or plan to give in the future. All of the slams will be discussed and filmed.

  • Why entertainment and a touch of madness is so important;
  • Hooking your audience and keeping them with you;
  • Using storytelling frames to create flow to the slam;
  • Getting your message across with impact: using visual aids, stories & slides;
  • Key tips for communicating with non-expert audiences by making
  • complex ideas simple.

Methodology: this dynamic, interactive and practical workshop is based on learning by doing. Delegates prepare and deliver a series of presentations some of which are filmed and discussed by the presenter, their colleagues and the trainer. Delegates are encouraged to contribute their experience, knowledge and skills throughout the workshop.

John Waterman is the Head of Training & Programme Design at Avocets Consulting. He is a coach, trainer, facilitator and programme designer. He has been active in the field of international communication for over 30 years working with learners, teachers, teacher trainers, training colleges and universities across Asia, Africa, Europe and North, Central and South America. One of his main areas of expertise is in international Learning & Teaching Education.

Monday + Tuesday

November 11 + 12, 2019

9.00 am-4.30 pm each day

  • Course language: English
  • Registration Deadline: November 6, 2019
  • Room: will be announced via E-Mail
  • Trainer:
    John Waterman Educational Trainer,
    facilitator & programme designer
    avocets consulting
  • Course Number: 2019/23a_GA

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