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Career in the Field of Science Management

In the last years, a field between a career in academia and a career in society and economy has been established: The Science Management has received a lot of attention of graduates. Working in this field does not mean that you do research by yourself. Instead, you support the academic staff in all concerns and take part in strategic projects of the higher education governance. Furthermore, you organize events, supervise funding lines or counsel (junior-) researchers. This professional field is quite new; however, the tasks are diverse what makes this job increasingly attractive. For more information feel free to visit our events or our career counselling.

  • Definition Science Manager

    Science managers are persons who, as experts in scientific institutions, are predominantly not active in terms of subject content, but rather support processes in research and teaching as well as the persons working in research and teaching, particularly in a strategic-conceptual manner - with the aim of ensuring and improving quality in research and teaching.

    (from: Justus Henke / Sebastian Schneider / Sylvi Mauermeister (2022): Forschungsbezogenes Wissenschaftsmanagement: Konzept und Vermessung. Lessons-Learned-Paper Nr. 1, Institut für Hochschulforschung (HoF), Halle-Wittenberg. S. 3.)

  • Areas of Activity in the Field of Science Management

    Science managers work in various areas at universities or at non-university research institutions. In addition, they also work in research and development departments of companies or management consultancies as well as in the environment of technology- and knowledge-intensive economic sectors.

    Typical areas of activity:

    Public scientific and funding organizations: e. g. Science Council, German Research Foundation (DFG), German Rectors' Conference (HRK), federal and state ministries of science, European Union (7th Research Framework Program), Cooperation Office EU of the Science Organizations (KOWI)

    Universities and non-university research institutions: In administrations, central facilities, staff positions, in dean's offices of faculties, at chairs (externally funded projects)

    Public foundations and private funding bodies: e. g. Mercator Foundation, Volkswagen Foundation, Gerda Henkel Foundation

    Cities and regional/municipal organisations: e. g. in city councils, economic development agencies

    Already at the university, science management comprises different activities. From a position as a personal advisor to the university management or head of the university, to the management of a faculty, to positions as an advisor in the promotion of young researchers or research in which advice and information, coordination and design are provided.

    Outside the university, it is at least as varied: at non-academic research institutions, as well as at universities, you may be involved in managerial and coordinative, conceptual, or even public relations activities such as science communication. Furthermore, there are science-related foundations, associations or ministries in which you will be involved in the administration, support and further development of research and teaching in various positions.

  • Science Management Positions

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  • Experiences from Science Management

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  • Further Information, Listening and Reading Tip

    Below you will find more information on the topic of science management (in German).

*Source: Mirjam Müller/Oliver Grewe (2020), Wissenschaftsmanagement als Beruf. Strategien für den Einstieg. Campus Verlag, 240 Seiten